A very ancient town of India, Dantewada had been the capital city of a glorious Kingdom in its golden past. This town was known as Tarlapal and Dantawali in pre-historical days, mention of which can be found on the stone carvings found in the district.

                          A splendid temple of Goddess Danteswari tops the list of places of interest, in the town. This temple , which is one among the Shaktipithas of the country, is visited by devotees from different parts of the country through out   the     year. Constructed, mainly on the South Indian style of (temple) architecture, and located at the confluence of the holy rivers Shankini & Dhankini, this temple gives a pleasant feeling of peace and immense satisfaction to the minds of devotees who visit.

Apart from Danteshwari temple, the temple of Bhairm Baba is also hystorically important place to visit.

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